Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DD's and The 59

The lowest score in a tournament on the PGA Tour is a 59. This feat has been achieved 5 times. David Duval is one of the players who has shot the record low. In 1999 he shot 31 on the front nine and 28 on the back nine during the final round of the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic. This feat is amazing in of itself but what is more unbelievable are the circumstances surrounding the round. Duval was trailing by 1 shot going into the final hole which was a par 5. He also needed an eagle (2 under par) to shoot a you see where this is going? What I think is one of the most remarkable feats ever on the PGA Tour, Duval indeed eagled the final hole to shoot a 59 and win the tournament by one shot. What an amazing feat that was.


A little about David Duval...

First of his nickname is Double D' sick is that??

In 1999 he was the number one ranked player in the world.

I have heard many players say that through 2001, when he won the British Open, he was in total control of his golf swing. Some say that it was mesmerizing to watch him play and he would make the game look effortless.

After Duval won the British Open in 2001, he dropped off the map. That win is still his last victory and he has only surfaced a few times with a run on the leaderboard.

Some say he had a mental breakdown and he has said that he won the British Open and thought "Is this it?"

Duval is still playing on the tour and it is tough to really feel bad for him because he is making good money and he is a fan favorite. I regard Duval as having one of the best swings ever, in his prime. He had great tempo and the whole swing was fluid one complete motion. Here is a video of him back in his prime.


  1. 59 holy shit. I'm at like a 159 maybe on a good day haha

  2. I'm one of those people who can't really watch golf. I can't watch most sports mind you. I would play it way back when on hotshots golf for the first playstation, so I kinda understand most of what you say. But I have to say, you make me want to read the post. Reading it, maybe because it can be as quick as I want it to, really made it a bit more interesting. Hope to see more similar to this soon :)

  3. When you say that he "fell off the map", do you mean that he stopped playing as many tournaments, or that he stopped winning them? The former I could understand, but the latter would just be odd.

  4. @ RF, he kept on playing and has just never won since. One year he lost his PGA Tour card due to poor play and had to play on sponsors exemptions, at one point he was 700th or so in the world. He went from number 1 to struggling to make it into tournaments.

    @D4 yea I know its a struggle to watch golf unless you are really into so Im trying to pick out the more interesting stories for yall

  5. wow. i probably haven't played golf in 6 years.. haha every time i try to watch it i end up falling asleep

  6. I don't think everyone wants to be in the lime light. You look at the celebrity culture today and have to think to your self, is it really a curse? I mean, look at Tiger Woods for example

  7. i agree with the whole celebrity thing Wolfe said, but honestly i think people themselves give way too much of a shit.

    its his life, why criticize him for it. no one watches you all day and points out your flaws.

    that wasnt directed at anyone lol, just a general statement

  8. I haven't played golf since I was a little kid, hopefully this blog will help me get back into it.

    I'll be following :)

  9. Dear god I'm lucky to break a hundred.

  10. Damn, I'm more likely to shot a 59 on 9 holes than 18....

  11. Heh, ok followin man.

    Not crazy bout golf, but you're definitely interesting to read.

    I'm at if you want to stop by. :D