Sunday, February 20, 2011

TaylorMade R11

TaylorMade golf has released a new driver for the 2011 season. The driver is white and their marketing strategy is to focus on the fact that it is different than all other drivers. TaylorMade has made the first white driver available to the whole public but I must say I think they stole the idea. Last year, Cobra Golf released a white version of their ZL driver but it was a limited release, only 500 were made. It wouldn't surprise me that TaylorMade saw this and just changed the paint job for their new driver.

I talked to my friend the other day about the white driver. For some reason it took this long for a popular golf manufacturer to make a white driver, which is surprising. Most drivers are black and others have been blue but they have always been a dark color. Now, TaylorMade is making their whole series of drivers white this season and my friend and I agreed that it lost its zeal by making all the drivers white. Cobra only made 500 of the drivers white which is really cool. TaylorMade has allowed any old smuck to buy a white driver.

What my friend and I agreed on was that TaylorMade should have made their Tour Preferred  series of drivers, which are their top of the line drivers, the only ones that are white. This would have added a "wow" factor and would immediately tell someone that the person using the white driver was hitting a TP. I believe this would have been the better direction to go with the white driver, lets see if anyone else does it next year.

Here's a pic of the TaylorMade r11 and Cobra ZL


Cobra ZL

Which one do you like better?