Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trump National, D.C.

I want to continue on about my home course, Trump National, D.C. Or as I call it, just Trump. I'd like to go into the history of this course located in Sterling, Virginia. Trump used to be called Lowes Island and was a private club that opened up in 1992. At first there was only one course called the "Island" designed by Tom Fazio and a driving range. The name island comes from the fact that the majority of the holes are technically located on an island due to the border of the Potomac River and a few creeks. Here is a picture of the clubhouse and how it looked leading up to 2008. As you can see it says Trump National but this is what the clubhouse looked like when it was Lowes Island.

Around 1999, management decided to open another course, due to the popularity of the Island course. this course became known as the "River" and was designed by Arthur Hills. This is my favorite course out of the two because it is designed to be like a links course. After the river course was completed there was another addition and that was a short game practice area.

I really enjoyed Lowes Island, it was  private club and I was able to meet many people who eventually became great friends to this day. I always tell people that I am lucky to have many friends that I would not have meet through school. There was also a pool that I frequented regularly and a gym. I would say that in my teenage years I would go there every weekend in the summer.

In 2008, Chevy Chase went bankrupt and had to sell the property. The land is so spectacular that it got the attention of Donald Trump. At first we all thought a bunch of members were going to pitch in and buy it but Trump eventually got it. There were changes right off the bat. People were getting fired, there was a caddy policy implemented and changes to the course were being made.

I enjoyed the caddy policy because it gave me a pretty good job for a summer. I would make between 300-400 a weekend. The work was hard but the money was great. The biggest changes on the outside were made to the clubhouse, which was painted white, and the Island Course which was renamed the "Championship Course." 700 yards were added and it is much more difficult, the word is Trump is trying to get a PGA Tour event to be played here. Trump always says that this is his course that he is focusing on and I see that by his frequent visits. I meet him once and shook his hand but that is about it, for the most part he is very friendly with the members, but not the staff. Only two out of 10 golf staff remain from Lowes Island.

Overall I am happy with the direction the club is going and I will continue to keep you updated on the ever occuring changes.

Heres a pic of the new clubhouse paint job and a few holes.



  1. :( looks like nice weather...
    Why do I not have as much money as mr Trump, or weather as nice as that golf course?

  2. that looks nicer than any golf course ive ever been to

  3. nice story man, hope to see more updates

  4. That'd be crazy if he managed to get a PGA Tour event here...

  5. Makes me wish I could play golf.

  6. looks like a lovely course. it must be a real plus to have such nice scenery while playing.