Saturday, February 19, 2011

My round yesterday

I was not able to post yesterday because I was outside enjoying the beautiful day. I even skipped my two classes. I went to a golf store called "golfdom" early in the day and picked up some gloves and looked at the knew clubs. I was unimpressed with the new equipment, it seems all the golf companies are trying to market towards new golfers and are forgetting about the old ones thus the clubs are all shit.

I got to the course around 1 and meet two friends there. We hit on the range for about 30 minutes and were actually able to use the iphone 4 to capture a few swings on camera which was pretty cool. We went up to the Championship course and started playing, We decided to play skins which is basically the low score on a hole wins a skin but if two people tie on a hole the skin carrys over to the next hole. In the end I had 5 skins, and the other two had 4 and 1 respectivley. So I won 5 bucks! It was a good day I must say.


  1. nice job on the winnings. just wondering, are you a good bowler too? there seems to be a stereotype that good golfers are good bowlers. however, im a really good bowler but a sucky golfer.

  2. Ive only bowled a few times and my friend who bowls a lot said I was average.

  3. welldone on your wins. i wish the weather was nice enough here for me to want to miss classes.

  4. I wish my days were beautifull :(
    5 bucks yay! :P